Summer Season flowers in India

India is a country with many diversification’s in terms of language, geography, language as well culture. Because of difference in climatic conditions ranging from north (Himalayas) towards coastal line there are variety of habitats and landscapes. So the Indian summer is of variable types likewise in Northern parts of India the summer season starts in the month of March –April whereas in southern reasons it remains quite moderate with higher humidity level.

Flowers are commonly used for two purposes either in religious ceremonies that also include regular worship and secondly in decorations. The religious acts people generally prefer to use local variety (rose, marigold etc) of flowers whereas for decorations or in floral arrangement some of the hybrid or global varieties (Gerbera, Petunia, and Lilies etc) are popular. The availability of flowers varies from season to season as one can get seasonal flowers at affordable price. Let’s check out the variety of flowers available in Indian summers when the temperature over here hovers around 43-55 degree Celsius.

  • Marigold Flower IndiaMarigold: It’s common flower that blooms throughout India and commonly used for various purpose as it also possesses various medicinal properties too and used to cure various skin problems. The color of marigold varies from light yellow to golden brown. The pigment extracted from marigold can be used for food coloring as its safe and natural.
  • Wild Delphinium:  It’s one of the most commonly seen flower along the river sides or in river beds of Himalayan regions of the northern states as well as north east part of India. This flower is available in various hues of purple, pink and white. The characteristic properties of this particular flower depends on the color as in some colors the petals are quite dense in comparison to others.Wild Delphinium India
  • Lotus: Lotus is common water plant and is the national flower of India. This is a delicate flower and commonly used in religious purposes and offered in prayers to Devi Lakshmi the goddess of wealth & prosperity. The Lotus is commonly available in shades of bright and light pink. One of the characteristic property of Lotus is that its petals are opened in morning time and close slowly down from afternoon to evening.

Lotus Flower IndiaThere are also some other flowers which are available in summer time and we will discuss about them in the upcoming posts.