This journey is different….

IMG_0485_1067x800I have been on this planet from last twenty eight years and experienced so many different things. Life is altogether different now as I am living in a fast pace metro city. I still remember about all the daydreams and crazy things which I used to do. Mountain ranges and clouded sky view looks very fascinating at that age so as rainbows which are common things in hilly areas during summer showers.

I am from a small town situated in the Western Himalayas; full of natural escapes and spectacular mountain range views. The weather was quite moderate at that time (80’s and 90’s) which is now changed a bit because of global warming. Our winters were about soaking up in the sun and summers were about sweet fragrance of ripened mangoes and plums all around. And off course rains were at power; every time disturbing the total state of the town. Unlike most of the kids I love to go school and keeping me busy in other activities too; at that time one thing that remained same is my love for art which has know changed its meaning. I will continue writing about my experiences in the upcoming posts; till then stay tuned….and keep enjoying my other posts.